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Sculptoris DLP is a 3D Jewellery Printer crafted to perform like a pro with high-intensity UV LED which is powered to cure each layer within hundreds of milliseconds. You can swear by its quality, speed, durability, precision and unrivaled output which is delivered as promised.


Smooth Surface

For Superior quality surface demands with high detailing level, "SCULPTOR - 1" 3D printer is the best choice.


Enhanced Precision

Even the most complicated Jewellery design prints with enhanced precision in no time with our accuracy-defining printer.


Ultra High Speed

"SCULPTOR -1" 3D Jewellery Printer can print at the speed of 2500 Layers per hour which is clear-cut and unparalleled.


Service And Support

Being customer-centric is one of our major goals and we are ready to assist you in case of any issue anytime.


Sculptoris Innovation is the prime choice amongst leading manufacturers of Indian Jewellery Market who put quality first.

As 3D Jewellery Printer has gone mainstream for Jewelry Industry in no time, it is a boon for manufacturers. Sculptoris is quality-satisfying and technology-ahead investment you will ever make for pushing the limits of your jewellery business. We have remained an integral part in the making process of leading jewelers since years and we hereby introduce you to our first and foremost and only commercially released 3D Printing Machine Sculptor-1.


Explore the casting model galore showcasing rings, pendant, bracelets and more

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