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3D printers change the jewelry industry. From the last three year, making the mold for Jewelry is becomes very easy than before. Modern 3d printers were competent to produce a significant amount of design (sample) in less time.

Mostly there are two types of the 3D Printer for jewelry printer FFF and SLA. For metal jewelry printing you need an SLA 3D printer. Making a unique mold for Jewelry is the primary purpose of the 3D Printer.

Printing jewelry on 3D printers is effortless than the traditional way of making the mold for Jewelry. There are two printers for jewelry printing first is SLA 3D Printer, and another one is DLP LED 3D printer.

Use a material called Castable Resin to print. The purpose of this resin is to leave no trace of dust or wreckage, when discarded. That implies you have an ideal perfect finish to get your final product from the mold.

This portion of the production method substitutes the 3D Printer. And thanks to the manner 3D printer’s function, it is feasible to produce much more complex forms without any additional expense, time or trouble!

The first stage top production of the piece is in traditional Jewelry, making a wax model. It must be manually sculpted or by a device controlled by the computers. What traditional machinery can produce is limited to the form of the final jewelry piece. The manual process of jewelry design is more complicated, and the value of the wax is also high.

The 3D Printer can transform the resin mold into plaster and cast your selected metal once it has accomplished its business. You can do this yourself, or bring your 3D print or mail it to a casting firm that can do it for you. The charges are small, generally approximately $5 or so, plus the metal you choose.

All module of 3D printing is not the same. We can quickly identify that by eye. Novices may discuss whether SLA or DLP technology is superior. But Envision TEC has created exclusive, patent-protected procedures for 3D printer systems that produce quick, smooth and precise construction, with precision down to 10 microns.

You can see some best examples of the 3D printer's making.

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Sculptor-1 is the quality we deliver in the form of 3d printing machine for jewellery in India. Its impeccable performance speaks for itself. The features are not just promised but delivered.



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Sculptor ECHO is a DLP LED technology-based 3D printer for gold jewelry. It's one of your Jewelry manufacturing company's most skilled and effective employees. Sculptor ECHO allows you to function smarter with casted designs to achieve great surface finish. It is the most advanced 3d Printer for Jewelry in India.



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SI PROFESSIONAL is the 3D Jewelry Printer for casting UV cured molds instantly. This DLP LED technology-based machinery could be the best part of your manufacturing team. It exceeds your expectations with lightweight and compact design yielding brilliant output at a faster speed.



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SI DESKTOP is one of the most lightweight, remote, and handy 3D Jewellery Printer to be a helping hand for your jewelry manufacturing business. Based on DLP LED technology, SI DESKTOP aids in instantly casting models to be provided as a sample to your client on an urgent basis.


  • 3D Printer Resin
  • Tray For 3D Printer

FDM or DLP has two options for making the best jewelry through a 3D printer. You can print molds that can be used to make alloy parts of your type. If you are more interested in the right shape and the traditional jewelry, the SLA printer is a better choice for you.

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In the market now we are the leader in 3D DLP printer for jewelry manufacturers for personal or commercial use. Also, buy high-quality resin for the 3D printer from our online shop. Click here.



The Tray is an essential part of 3D printing. When you are looking for the best accessories for your 3d printer, we like to recommend the DLP printer worth. One tray casts 500-600 platforms during its lifecycle. Our clients have faced no issue till 500 prints with a Single Tray, which makes it trustable and qualitative for you too — resin tray which is very durable and high performance.

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Durable lasts for a minimum of 6 months
Helps you achieve high-quality RPT/CAM prints
500-600 Platforms can be made with 1 Tray
Tray assures 500 hassle-free prints



"There are multiple benefits of 3D printing jewelry than the usual way."

1. Unique Design
2. Printing Jewelry Prototypes
3. 3D printing Jewelry is Cost-Effective
4. Speed

The advantage of a 3D printer is that the samples of jewelry made by it for the customer are cheaper than the other method. The cost is very low, and due to 3D printing, expertise and creativity, 3D printing makes it much easier to create designs quickly and easily in expanded proportions. 3D printing gives the real look of your design.

Another benefit of 3D Printing Jewelry is that before committing to your final design, you can create many inexpensive plastic prototype test items.

If you make a custom piece, it is particularly useful to make sure they are pleased with design, size, and fit before committing yourself to the final metal part.


After an appropriate 3D Printer, the cost of running and consumables are very inexpensive in comparison with conventional wax molded jewelry making.

Although resin costs are high, only what you use is paid and the pieces of jewelry very little use. A Castable resin1-liter tank costs about $250, but there's a lot of resin.

For instance, for the ring itself a big coil ring used roughly 0,3ml (0,01 floz), plus 5-10ml for supports. It's just about $1.50 in resin value!

Regardless of whether your jewelry is easy or complicated, the only factor affecting 3D Print costs is the amount of resin used.

In comparison, traditional custom waxes begin at approximately $100 and cost more complexly. 3D printing gems are therefore very cost-effective.


Superpower 3D Printing is fast! It has a huge benefit over traditional jewelry production. No matter how complicated, in a little more than one hour, you can have a resin portion done. By conventional means, this is only unbeatable.

You can readily display a completed portion in your hands to your clients, create amendments or sell it without saying' kindly return in a week' for a test fitting.

Review of Some Best 3D DLP Printer of Sculptoris.



Sculptor-1 is the quality delivery in the form of 3d Printer in India machinery. Its impeccable performance speaks for itself. The features are not just promised but delivered. Sculptor-1 from Sculptoris is the best 3D printer models. It gives very high resolution and super-fast printing speed with the smooth surface and accurate result.

  • Ultra-high Resolution
  • Excellent Durability
  • More than 35000 Hours Life
  • Consistent Output High Productivity
  • Extremely Fast Speed of 1500 Layers per Hour
  • Accurate Precise in casting complex designs smoothly
  • Compact Design, Low-Maintenance user-friendly
  • Unbeatable Performance with Longer Machine Life
  • Sculptor-1 3D Printer is made in India for India
  • Intensity is equal in all corners of the platform
  • Premium quality, reliability, high detailing, usability convenience, and affordability is assured

Apart from the listed features, the Resin, Tray, Platform, and such compatible accessories are amazingly durable, so you focus on casting models and less on their maintenance. Find the technical specifications, user manual, and demo details of this one of the Best 3D Jewelry Printer Machine below.

Are you impressed with the features? Why don't you check out one of the Best 3D Printer in Mumbai by Sculptoris Innovation? Delivering 3D printers across India, our 3D Printers in Surat are foremost choices.


The perfect mid-range 3D jewelry printer


ECHO Sculptor is a 3D Jewelry Printer based on DLP LED technology. He is one of your jewelry manufacturing team's most productive and lucrative employees. Sculptor ECHO enables you to work more intelligently with casted designs to achieve excellent surface finish — the state-of-the-art 3d Jewelry Printer in India.

  • Ultra-high Resolution
  • Supreme Durability
  • Extended lifespan up to 35000 Hours
  • Evenly cast output
  • Prime Productivity
  • Noteworthy Faster Speed of 2000 Layers per hour (approx.)
  • The meticulous casting of most complex designs evenly
  • Extremely Compact Design
  • User-Friendly with Lower Maintenance
  • Longer machine life with Peerless Performance
  • Sculptor ECHO Printer is made in India for India
  • Even intensity in all corners of the platform for acute casting
  • Dominant quality, reliability, ultra-fine detailing and usability convenience is assured
  • Best Competitive Price makes it affordable as compared to similar products in the market

3D Jewelry Printer SI PROFESSIONAL is immediately used to cast healed UV molds. This DLP LED machine can be the best part of your production team. The lightweight and compact designs exceed your expectations, resulting in an excellent performance at a quicker rate.

You spend much less time with casting models and can begin without hassle to work on the most complicated designs. It accompanies timely assistance and customer service, so you do not remain everywhere and use continuous production, apart from being high in results. Sculptoris Innovation in India produces High-Speed DLP LED 3d Printers.



SI DESKTOP is one of the most accessible, most distant and most convenient 3D Jewelry Printers to help your manufacturer. Using DLP LED technology, SI DESKTOP helps your customer immediately provide casting models as a sample.

3D Jewellery Printer revolutionized the 3D jewelry production and revolutionized the manufacture of jewelry. Buy custom SI Desktop 3D Printer for a ring, earrings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets in various dimensions and styles. Buy customization.

Here are some complicated examples of jewelry designs that only 3D Printing has made possible easily:

These are some fantastic 3D printing work.

You can make it when an order is placed so you don't have to take a large amount of stock you can't sell.

Yes! Yes! Yes! 3D Printed jewelry is trendy because you can offer a unique, tailor-made product to your clients.

Gladly, customers shall pay a bonus for a single or personal jewelry item. You can even actively involve a customer in the initial design and enjoy a sense of personal ownership that cannot purchase at a shopping mall or a jewelry showroom. You can help with the attractive jewelry design.

3D Printers are now accessible at just a little over $1000 to produce casting forms. After that initial expense, the cost of printing individual pieces is very low compared to the price at which they can be sold. 3D Print has another benefit

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